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Mary W.

"Saw her weekly during my pregnancy since she does Webster technique. Kept me more comfortable during pregnancy and shortened my labor to 7 hours for my first baby. Now baby goes, too!"

Amy B. 

"My husband and I saw her frequently during the month of December. We have been to several chiropractors in the past and never knew all of the things that could be adjusted in our body. My husband has problems with his sciatic nerve. After seeing her, he has very little problems with it.  As for me, I was having migraines so bad I would take prescription medication for them but couldn't get them to go away.  Once I saw Dr. Sam, my headaches immediately went away and all of the numbness in my arms and hands went away.  My only complaint was that my body was so used to being out of alignment that it wouldn't stay adjusted. After some persistence, she was able to get it to stay. I was able to go back to work and not have a stomach ache from taking Advil or prescription migraine medication. 

We are over the road truck drivers, driving team across the country, so we can only go when we are in town. But we always make sure she is the first person we see when we are home!"

Don H.

"Best crack in town!"

Message me to add your testimonials here! We love what our chiropractic family has to say! 

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